After much thought and deliberation on how to solve this particular challenge, I am not at all confident I can win this.
It is quite easy to win in MOnarch in C3C, but OCC is very much easier/more playable in C3C due to more money from old wonders, and Knights Templar with the free units during a time when your city is all tied up building wonders.
The three attempts I have made on Emperor have all ended in me being stomped in BC times by someone coming over to say hello to my wonders.

But basic plan would be same. 
Early temple, Build colossus, and/or Oracle while researching literacy and getting Great Library. I think it is doable with the right setup to make do without Great Library, but it makes it so much easier.
This is PTW, so an alternative way is early temple, followed by early barracks, and leaderfishing for the wonders. This has the added benefit that Heroic EPIC gets unlocked. Also, if one wants to win by 20K before the AIs take flight, you will need to spank them early and often.
It is hard to spank them when they are fully developed with the production base of one city.

Japan UU would of course place our GA when we are in Republic, and in a period where most of the wonders are available. On to the game:

Pangea 20% land. Serpentine land probably with only a few rivers. We get a strong hint to settle one tile southwest, and I will not ignore such a hint.
So I will build warrior, warrior, Temple, Colossus, and then go wild with horsemen. ( At least that is the plan. )

Moving one step SW reveals the game forest. I debate internally if I want shields or money, but I go shields first, and move worker northwards to bonus grass, revealing a second cow. Nice little setup :)
Even seems to be at a tip of the continent, so hopefully I can have the iron I need in the hills up north.
Set my non-research into Alphabet. Fairly certain I can trade Bronze in time for my planned Colossus.
Found Kyoto revealing a desert tile in range. Lets pray to the great gods of RNG that that particular tile contains Saltpeter :)

3700 We have produced our first warrior, and he is sent southwards looking for contacts.

3500 Second warrior completes, and I start a Temple. I send this warrior out to scout as well, making me need to raise lux tax next turn when Kyoto grows.
Worker is finished roading and mining, and moves one more step northwards, preparing to road the cow. ( I will bring irrigation asap. ) Worker reveals that it is a tip, and at the far end is a gems. Great. Having resources at all is something to strive for in an OCC.

3450 First scout spot what appears to be Iro borders. Whats up with the Iro curse. Iros in every game... Well, if they are the only close neighbours, I think I can rule out early aggression. Having riders under GA production is not something I want to face in a normal situation, even less in an OCC.
AHA, it is not Iros, it is India. As to India, early aggression is a key tactic, lessening their production base before they get Elephants.
India seems to have met someone, as the have Potter/Bronze/alphabet on my Wheel. I will trade with them anyway. I get Bronze + 10 gold for Wheel. I could have gotten Alphabeth, but I am researching that, and might as well continue.

3200 Scouting has revealed India is the closest and only direct neighbour. This speaks volumes for early aggression, especially as the second visible horse is up by my territory.
3150: Make an extra buck by MMing when Kyoto is about to grow by moving a citizen to go fish in the lake.

3100 Complete Temple, and start a warrior for MP before I start Colossus.

3050 Spot a pink border in the south, and it is the French.They are up Masonry, Alphabet and Warrior Code. They are down Wheel and Ceremonial Burial. Weird, one would have thought they traded to parity with the Indians.
I save a couple of turns on alphabet by tarding Alphabet, Warrior Code and 5 gold for Wheel. India has Monopoly on Pottery, France has monopoly on Masonry and we are up Ceremonial on the French.
I start a mysticism research project, hoping I can use it to get Writing.
Kyoto finish a warrior, and I start Colossus. I will need it for troops support.
Worker goes to irrigate the plains cow.

3000BC Marks one of our high points in the history of Japan, when we are the richest in the world with our 23 gold.

2900 We spot the missing civ with one of our scouts. Hopefully contact will be made next turn.
England like India is up Pottery, and down nothing.
I have 8 turns to Mysticism, but I suspect it will take longer, as in 3 turns I will have to crank lux tax again.

2750 Kyoto grows to size 4, and I have the choice of putting the citizen on the lake granting Colossus in 25 and Mysticism in 6, or in the forest granting Colossus in 22 and Mysticism in 10. I go for the lake. I suspect I will need the trade, and the AIs will not try to build wonders. If I miss Colossus by a couple of turns, the game will be that much more harder though.

2550 Lux up to 30%, but Mysticism still in two.

2510 We get Mysticism, and I start a min science on Polytheism. I am counting on one of the AIs to get me Horseback riding.
Use Mysticism to get Masonry, Pottery and 6 gold from the French. I can only hope the other AIs will haev something before the tech is worthless.

2390 Not horseback, but at least Iron working. Get Iron from ENgland for Masonry and Mysticism. Could not take her 9 gold as well, so think it a fairly good price.
Hmm, we do not have any iron. This is not good.

2350 Lux tax 50%, Kyoto is size 6. I keep it on 4 fpt and working bonus grass for the shields.
Nope, scratch that. I set it on 2 food, and max shields for Colossus in 8.

2150 France has Writing, but Iron working and 29 gold is not enough to get her to part with it.

2110 English start Oracle when I have one turn left on Colossus.

2070 Complete road of horses into Kyoto at the same time as we complete the Oracle.
Too bad no one has completed horseback riding. I start a rax in Kyoto though.

1950 Barracks completes, and I go for a spearman MP. Buy Writing from France for 2 gpt and 50 gold. Writing and 4 gpt is not enough to get England to part with Horseback :( Thats not good. SHould not have been so greedy.
I start Archer in Kyoto. I cannot afford the numbers needed for a successful chariot war.

1725 My earlier guesses about horses and Indians are wrong. India has now three horses in their territory, although only one is roaded now.

1600 English declare war on us when we refuse her demans of 20 gold. I have four archers and a spearman in addition to my three warriors. I think I am more than a match for her.
I start by killing of a warrior next to my scout. I redlined though, so it is time to beat it and heal.

1550 I no longer have my two scouts. An english warrior defeated my hill fortified one in a stroke of luck. I have five archers now though, but India is in their way, so I declare war on India as well. :)
I buy horseback from France for my last money ( 2 gpt and 8 gold. ) Just in case they decide to dogpile me, so I can get my money back. Start horseman production in Kyoto and MM it for 15 shields and gold.
Hmm, I mm next turn, as I haev 10 shields towards an archer now.

1525 I lose one vet archer against the defending regular spear in Calcutta, but Calcutta is razed, and one of my archers is now elite.

1450 My stack is healed, and here comes the Indians. They have put three warriors and a spearman in the field. I have five archers and a horse.
Vet horse takes out spearman and promotes
Elite archer takes three hits and takes out a warrior,
Vet archer takes two hits taking out a regular warrior and promotes.
Vet archer takes one hit and takes out a warrior.

1425 I spot two english warriors out in the boondocks, but I think I have time to raze another Indian city.

Elite horse takes out defending spear without damage, and Bangalore is razed. I would haev liked to raze a larger city, as I could use a couple of slave workers.
France now has Map Making. I trade France WOrld map and 6 gold for my world map.
India is willing to talk, but they have nothing to offer us. I will see if I can keep them on a steamer until they get a tech.
I retreat my forces so I can fight the English in the desert before I take on a larger city of the Indians.

Vet archer vs reg warrior wins no damage
Vet archer vs reg warrior wins two hits and promotes.
Elite horse vs reg warrior wins three hits.

1275 Elite archer vs reg spear wins taking two damage.

1250 Vet horse vs reg spear wins taking two damage and capturing two slaves. 

1225 Just in case I do not get any leaders and/or techs, I start a Great Library prebuild in Kyoto for Great Library.
Elite horse vs reg warrior wins taking three hits. 
I realize a small flaw in my plan. Having only horse and archers, I will have a hard time striking against swordsmen on the counter, and I will likely lose a vet archer this turn. ( Rather then the wounded elite horse which I will protect. I will build two spearmen in Kyoto before starting prebuild. )
Vet horse vs reg warrior loses and promotes the warrior.
And how about that, one turn before my min run on Poly comes in, India shows itself possessing that tech. Arg.
I sign peace with them for Polytheism, saving my meager army.
Use Polytheism to buy code of laws from France together with a couple of gold.

1200 Elite archer defeats 2 Hp warrior.
Start a new min run on Monarchy.

1150 London completes Oracle.

1075 English start Great Library. They are unlikely to get peace from me now :)

1050 France parades a settler pair right in front of our army as our previous deals run out........
Since France wouldn't fold and give me Map Making for free, I fo to war.
Elite horse vs reg warrior wins
Elite archer vs reg warrior wins, capturing two slaves.
Vet horse vs reg spear loses dealing two damage
Vet horse vs reg spear wins taking two damage
Vet horse vs 1 hp spear loses promoting it
Vet horse vs 2 hp spear wins, razing Rheims and scuttling a galley.

1000BC Elite horse vs reg archer wins taking four damage

975 Elite archer vs reg warrior wins

900BC Elite archer vs reg warrior wins taking one hit
Vet horse vs reg archer wins, and Marseilles is razed.

875BC Elite archer vs reg warrior wins, and we get a Leader.
Eliet horse vs reg warrior wins taking one hit and we cannot get a leader.
In spite of me having a good city for wonder building I may lose a wonder raze, as the AI is building in good cities as well.
A gems colony will not allow me to lower lux tax :(
I sign peace with the French for 61 gold, Map Making, Literature and Mathematics. Who said being bad was not profitable.....
I switch Kyoto to Great Lighthouse, finished in five. I save the leader for Great LIbrary, which I am fairly certain to get as well. Great library feels like such a critical wonder, so I do nto dare make an army of the leader for Heroic Epic.

825 France is now up Construction. Tech is a bit fast even though I am trying to keep up with warfare.

775 England wants peace if I pay them 120 gold. Thats not acceptable, I will have to go spank them a bit before my archers get obsolete.
Iron is a bother. Real soon now I will need to get some iron somehow. That will not be possible if I keep killing everything that moves near my kill zone.
Lighthouse complete, and I start Great Library, which will be rushed.

750 Great Lighthouse completes, and I start a regular Library. Too bad no one of the AIs have any money, as I am currently in the tech lead.
Elite horse vs reg archer wins taking three hits.

710 Construction comes in, and I hope Pyramids comes in real soon now, to kill the cascade. I also hope the ENglish can send more archers, as I need a leader for Hanging gardens or an army :)

670BC Currency comes in. Indians are keeping Monarchy as a monopoly.

650BC Elite horse wins vs reg spear 
Vet horse retreats without doing damage against reg spear
Elite archer vs reg spear wins taking three damage, and we raze Hastings.Hastings comes with a pet worker, and a very angry swordsman who will likely want to have words with our exposed elite archer.
I think it is time to dial up Lizzie. Now she accepts straight peace. Much better.
I leave Englands borders twitching pointing fingers to the spluttering swordsman just about to attack.

640 I complete a library, and start a Colosseum.
630 Paris completes Pyramids, and start Great Wall.
London completes Great Wall in cascade. 
520BC I complete Colloseum, and I start Archer production. ( I have 20 spt. I will not waste it on horsemen. )

450BC Trade India Math for 12 gold. ( Full price, as he had 25. ) Then Currency and Construction is not enough to get him to part with Monarchy, so it is war again. This time I will not forget to build spears :)

430BC Elite horse vs reg spear deals one and retreats.
Vet archer vs 2HP spear takes three and wins. Hyderabad is razed.
ELite archer vs reg warrior takes four and wins, Bengal is razed.

390 BC We are modern, thanks to our good schoolars.
I decide to revolt into Monarchy, to make better use of my tiles. Too bad I didn't think of this before. Can only hope this will not make it impossible to win.

370 This could be good. England declare on the Indians. Lets see if we can hurt them plenty before they can get Elephants.

310BC Vet archer vs vet spear lose dealing 1 damage
Elite horse vs 3HP spear, wins and raze Jaipur

270BC Delhi completes Hanging gardens, and wonder cascade should be dead.
Elite horse vs reg spear deals one and retreats,
Elite archer vs reg spear deals one and dies,
Elite archer vs 2HP spear wins getting four damage
Vet archer vs 2HP spear wins
Vet horse vs 1HP sword wins, and we raze Bombay.

210BC A Marketplace in Kyoto gets our gpt up to 16. Decent enough.

170BC India ought to be in trouble now, as I just pillaged their iron.

150BC I start a pillaging campaign around Delhi, as I think I may need to starve them a bit before being able to take them. I might be able to take them with my ten strength two attackers, but it is not at all certain.
Better to startve them down to size 6 before doing anything.

70BC England and India sign peace, and it is do or die time, since I cannot starve them any longer now that they start throwing out archers, killing our blockaders.
Republic comes in, and I will revolt immediately, as I suspect the extra cash would be better than the three MPs.

I couldn't starve Delhi down. I will retreat to the hills, killing his troops instead. I will build spears and cats to help in this endevour.

10BC Elite horse vs 2HP archer win.

10AD Republic nets me another 12 gpt.

30AD France has roaded up its iron, and I buy one for 8 gpt and 11 gold. I start building Medievals.

50AD Elite horseman vs reg archer retreats after dealing one.
Elite archer vs 3 hp archer wins getting four hits.
Vet archer vs 2 hp archer wins.

70Ad 3 HP elite horseman vs 2 hp archer retreats dealing no damage.

90AD 2Hp elite horseman vs 1 HP archer wins, creating Hirohito, and I will use him to create a Medieval army. I would have loved to get a Samurai army, but that is a coupel of turns in the future.
Vet horseman vs 1 HP archer wins.

110AD I forgot the drawbacks of Republic, and Kyoto riots due to war weariness.
Vet horse vs 1HP archer wins and promotes taking one damage,
Hmm, scratch the army. With only one city, I cannot get an army. I will rush SunTzus instead after I complete this Medieval.

130AD Elite horse vs 1HP archer wins

150AD SunTzu completes, and we get our GA. This is just the right moment too :)
Elite horse vs 1HP archer wins.

190AD Elite horse vs 1HP archer wins.

210AD I complete a cathedral, and start producing horsemen. With some luck I will have Leos when it is time to upgrade them... Hmm, meybe a lot of luck :)

IBT: I have watched an English sneak attack upon the french about to happen, so when England comes demanding 27 gold, I tell her once again, we do not fold to demands. SHe in her monumental stupidity, declares war. But of course this is not enough to break off her sneak attack upon the French, so she declares on the french as well, and captures a city conveniently close to our lone city.
Vet archer vs reg spear wins taking two hits.
Vet archer vs reg spear loses dealing two damage and promoting.
Vet archer vs reg spear wins taking three and promote.
Vet archer vs reg spear loses dealing one
Vet archer vs reg spear lose dealing none
Vet medieval vs reg spear wins getting three hits.
Vet archer vs reg spear loses dealing one and promoting said spear. Finally seeing the end of them, as he remains on top.
Vet mediavel vs 3HP spear wins gettign one damage and promote.
Elite horseman vs 2HP spear wins getting two hits.
ELite archer vs 2HP spear takes four damage and wins.
Elite horse vs 3HP archer takes one and we raze Delhi.
Vet archer vs reg arcger lose without dealing damage.
Vet archer vs vet archer takes two but wins.
I sign peace with India. They may as well build themselves up a bit, while I deal with the evil english.

260 I build a colony on the Iron Delhi was guarding, hoping Chivalry will come in before said colony is razed.

270AD Elite horse vs 2 HP Medieval Wins and gets four damage.
Elite Medieval vs vet medieval wins and gets three damage.
Vet horse vs 3HP archer wins and gets two damage
Vet horse vs reg spear loses and deals two damage
Vet horse vs 1HP spear wins, and Besancon that the english took from the french is razed.
Elite* horse vs reg archer wins and gets three damage.

290AD after losing a Medieval and a spearman to counters, I decide to keep better watch over neutral roadnets.
Elite archer vs 1HP sword wins
ELite archer vs 1HP Medieval wins

300AD Vet horse vs regular spear retreats without doing damage,
Elite Medieval kills said sword without taking damage and Avignon is razed.

310AD Elite archer vs 2HP medieval wins taking one damage

320AD Time is statring to run out as french starts Sistine, and they are not likely to trade awy that tech. We can afford to buy it should we get a leader though.

350Ad Vet horse vs reg spear wins, taking two damage
Vet horse vs reg spear wins taking three damage
Newcastle is razed.

370AD A dyes colony lets me nix the lux tax for a while.

390AD Elite horse vs 3HP medieval wins taking two damage.
Vet horse vs regular pike wins ( I was surpised here. Had hoped to weken it for my elites to take out.) Dover is razed.
Any bets on gettign a diplo win :) ??

400AD Hmm, India lands a settler pair behind our perimeter. This is not good, since I have four more turns of peace before I can go to war against him.
Elite medieval against 2HP pike wins and takes one damage, capturing two more slaves.
I am now aware I should have started a min run on Chivalry, bah, again being greedy punish itself. 
India is settling aggressively and I may lose my iron. I wont have that. Unfortunately I have four more turns of peace before I can do something about it.

430AD Sign peace with the English for Engineering.
Buy Theology from France for Engineering and 630 gold. 
I cannot afford to produce anything but troops, so I had better get my wonders through leaders, so it is time to prune the French now before they get too strong. 
I would need education as well for an early University. I also will have to raze two Indian cities while I have my iron, and hope I can get Chivalry real soon now.
Move troops into position.

IBT: Arrrgggg, I forgot to check for happiness  now that the war is over. Our wartime people does not like having peace. They get cranky then.
French start Sistine in Paris, so I ened to raze that before Sistine finishes.

440AD Declare on India.
Vet horse vs reg spear retreat no damage
Elite horse vs reg archer wins, and Punjab is razed.
Vet horse vs reg spear retreats and deals one damage.
Vet horse vs reg spear takes three hits and kills spearman. Unfortunately I only had four horsemen in range. I had not counted on the spear to cover the archer I knew about.
Time to declare on the French. I cannot let them run away in tech. Primary goal is to raze Paris, and I will kill troops after I reach that goal. Would be nice if I could take out the French iron, but I suspect that would be hard.
Elite Medieval vs Elite Medieval wins, taking two hits.

Eliet archer vs reg archer wins taking three, and Chittagong is razed. Time to go into holding flank against the Indians. I have accomplished my goals against them.

Elite Medieval vs 1HP elite medieval wins taking one damage
Veteran horse vs regular spear wins, taking two damage and two slaves.

470 Start siege of Paris, not by attacking, but by bombing out his improvements. Paris has only plains around itself, so I suspect I can starve it fairly quick.
Elite horse vs reg archer wins taking one.

IBT: India now wants peace, but I will hold off to take out a settler pair in the open. It is not like they are a threat to me right now.
French counterattack retreats a horseman for me.

480AD Elite horse against regular archer wins taking one.
SInce nothing happens on the tech front, I put a scientist on Chivalry. 

490 Pillage a lot.

IBT: French counter kill a pikeman without taking damage.
Second Medieval takes two hits before retreating the pillaging horse underneath.
I spot a french Caravel !! They have at least Astronomy, and the only thing I can demand of them in peace would be Education.

500AD Elite horse vs reg archer wins taking one damage.
Vet horse vs 1Hp Medieval wins

IBT: France and England signs peace. This is not good, as I would have to face all of Frances wrath now.

510AD Decide to make a run for it, and pillage the French iron, as I cannot fight their Medievals with horsemen and archers.
Vet medieval vs vet medieval wins taking three damage and promotes
Vet horse vs 2HP medieval wins taking two damage.
I am moving pillage pairs consisiting of horse+pikeman, but they are not safe, as France attacks pikemen in the open with their medievals. ( And win.. )

IBT: France vet Medieval vs my fortified pikeman wins taking three damage
France vet archer vs my veteran medieval wins taking three damage 
Arggg, I cannot afford any losses. Any unit lost is two turns production for me. My warring days are almost at an end now it seems.
I should have had a catapult as well in the stacks, as they would likely be left alone then.

520 Elite archer vs reg spear wins, taking one damage and two slaves.
I sign peace with India for an alliance against the French. I hope they will sign peace rather quickly.

530AD Elite horseman vs 2HP medieval wins taking one damage
Vet horse vs vet medieval retreats after dealing two
Vet horse vs 2HP medieval dies dealing one
Vet horse vs 1HP medieval wins and promotes.

540 Elite horse vs vet archer wins taking one damage
Vet horse vs reg archer wins taing oen damage
ELite medieval vs vet Medieval wins
It has been expensive in counters, but France is quite pillaged. I have separated the cities, and pillaged their iron and most of Paris food.
Elite horseman vs reg archer wins.

550AD The pillaging is done. Paris does not have a single improved tile left, and the rest does not have many either. I just hope I can get my new medievals down to Paris fast enough to prevent France from getting any wonders.

560Ad Lost two horsemen in the counters. Counters are by archer now though :)
Elite medieval vs reg Pike wins taking two damage
Elite medieval vs reg spear wins taking one damage, and we raze Grenoble
Elite horse vs vet archer wins taking three damage
Vet horseman vs 2HP medieval wins taking two damage and a promotion
Ack France now has Invention. I better do something really fast now.

570Ad Well, now we also have invention, due to the wonders of the Great Library :)
Manage to bombard one pop out of Paris. First thing my three cats hits.
Vet medieval vs 3HP vet pike wins taking three damage
Elite medieval vs regular spear wins, and we raze Rouen
53-2 ( You might think it would be time for a leader soon now, wouldn't you ??)

580AD I see the first longbow attacks by the french, and this might be my last chance at doing something offensive against his cities until I get Samurai, if I ever get them....
Ooo, didn't notice until a longbow poked me out of Paris, but France is no longer building wonders. Time to retreat my forces a bit, and statr leaderfishing instead of razing cities perhaps.
Or at the very least avoid the meat grinder by Paris. I could save two isolated horsemen if I signed peace as well. I only need India to break our agreement so I dont waste my rep. The trading game is about to start when my meagre forces wont be sufficient to keep up with the AI.

620AD ELite medieval vs vet longbow wins taking two damage
Elite medieval vs 2HP pike wins taking two damage
Elite horseman vs vet longbow wins taking four damage
Elite horseman vs vet medieval dies dealing two damage
Finally Elite archer vs 2HP medieval wins taking four damage and produce Tokuwara.
Vet horseman vs 2HP spear dies dealing one damage
Vet horseman vs 1HP spear wins, and I raze Liverpool.
Paris have shrunk to size 6 now :)

640AD Vet horse vs 2HP Longbow wins, taking one damage

650 Rush Sistine Chapel.
Elite horse vs 3HP longbow wins taking two damage

670 ELite longbow vs regular pike wins taking four damage
Elite archer vs vet longbow wins
Elite medieval vs 3HP longbow wins
Vet horse vs vet longbow wins taking three damage
Vet archer vs 1HP pike loses :(
Elite medieval vs 3HP medieval wins taking two damage
Vet medieval vs vet longbow wins taking two damage
Vet horse vs 1HP pike wins, taking three damage and two slaves.

IBT: Counters kill an exposed horse.

680AD Elite medieval vs vet longbow wins taking four damage.
ELite horseman vs 2HP pike wins taking four damage.

690 Vet medieval vs vet Longbow dies dealign 2 damage
Elite pike vs 2HP Longbow wins
Elite Medieval vs vet longbow wins

700AD Elite horse vs 2HP Longbow wins taking three damage
STarting to feel like WW1 here. I WANT another leader and to raze a city before I grab peace with the French.

IBT: Library gets us Gunpowder :)
And we DO have Saltpeter.

710 Elite Medieval vs Vet longbow wins taking four damage 
Vet horse vs 2HP Medieval loses dealing one damage
Vet horse vs 1HP medieval wins

Aaa, my good friends the Indians are behind in techs, and they have researched Chivalry. I will see if I can gain a turn getting Chivalry and some money as well by trading him my free techs.
Hmm, Invention and Theology is not enough to bring out the Knights. I will have to wait and see if some AI does the trade.

720AD Vet archer vs reg longbow wins, taking one damage
Vet medieval vs vet longbow wins
Elite archer vs 1HP longbow wins

IBT: Hmm, India wants to extend the peace treaty. With them having Elephants, I do not think I have much of a choice in this, so I agree.

750 Vet horseman vs 2HP medieval wins. Siege of Paris is started with four cats in range.

IBT: Got greedy and chased a settler leaving exposed troops, and I lose a cat and an elite medieval vs a longbow.

760 Vet medieval vs vet pike loses dealing three and promotes the pike
Vet medieval vs reg pike loses dealing two and promotes the thing
Vet medieval vs reg pike wins taking two damage
Vet medieval vs 3HP pike wins taking two damage
Elite archer vs 2HP pike wins taking one damage
Vet medieval vs 2HP pike loses dealing no damage
Elite horse vs 2HP pike loses dealing no damage
4HP elite medieval vs 2HP pike wins taking two damage
Vet horse vs vet longbow wins takign two damage, and we can raze Paris and Pyramids.
We do kill a leader :)
Vet medieval vs reg pike wins, takign two slaves

It is time for peace now. I have to realize I wont get any leaders in time for the wonders I wanted. I am extended and exposed with my troops. The few I have left.
I think I will collect my troops and statr another war with England soon. Their troops ought to be a trickle.
Buy Chivalry from India for Gunpowder, Theology and 180 gold.
France gets peace for Education, 11 gold and 9 gpt. I want a university ASAP.
I start a Music Theory research.
I start the retreat of my troops. I need to upgrade archers and horsemen before making next strike.

770AD Get my first Samurai as I upgrade a horseman I kept at home.
NIce. I cannot afford to rush the University. I am soo behind the culture scale now.

830Ad World is at peace when India and France sign the documents.

850AD We complete University, and I statr a Bachs prebuild.

890 France is now up Banking as well. Weird, after the beating I gave them.

910 I think it may be time to start the war against the British. I will see if I can get India and France into the deal as well. Better prune ENglish while they cannot have knights. It will be hard enough with them having Musketmen.

920 War with English. I didn't think very well, so I will war alone, as I cannot get any allies given I do not own anything.
Vet samurai vs reg Musket wins taking two
Vet sam vs reg pike retreats dealing one.

930 Vet samurai vs reg spear wins, razing Norwich
Vet Medieval vs reg pike wins taking two
Vet medieval vs vet Medieval wins taking one, and we raze Brighton
Elite medieval vs reg Musket wins taking four damage
Vet longbow vs reg pike loses dealing one damage
Elite Medieval vs 2HP pike wins taking one damage and Leeds is razed

940 English medievals kill off an elite Medieval that I didn't realize was exposed.
Vet samurai vs vet medieval wins takign two hits
Elite medieval vs vet medieval wins taking two hits
Elite horse vs vet medieval loses dealing two damage and promotes him.

950 ENglish land a small marine force.
Vet longbow vs vet Medieval loses dealing one damage
Vet longbow vs 3HP medieval loses dealing one damage and promotes
Vet archer vs 3HP medieval loses dealing two Arrggg.
Ver archer vs 1HP medieval wins taking one damage.

960 I watch in amazement as the English settle right in front of my samurai stack. Weird.
Music Theory comes in, but I am afraid I cannot afford to keep it to myself, as I need Astronomy ASAP for Copernicus.
I start another run on Printing Press, but this time I make sure I get a little money left over from research.
Well, no need to raze more cities, and there are no more english in range for elite fishing, so I sign peace with the English for Banking, Astronomy, 18 gpt and 31 gold. ( All their techs, and all their gold. )

Hmm, I will be building wonders for a long time now, so perhaps it is time to retreat back to my quarters. I would dearly love to get another leader though, so I could properly kill the cascade and get Democracy out of a peace deal. I will see if I can collect what forces remain, and look at bonking the French once again.
Or perhaps not. Both French and India would likely get a GA since they have their UUs out in force now. Bah. 

970 India settles in a position to wipe out my iron colony. France renegotiates peace, so perhaps I should see what Samurai could do against ELephants.
France has Music Theory as well. weird. I had hoped to keep that for a short while.

980 Another fishing expedition. I declare on India.
Elite Samurai vs reg spear wins taking two damage and dacca is razed
Vet medieval vs reg ELephant wins taking one damage
Vet samurai vs reg elephant wins, and Ganges is autorazed.

1000AD French starts Smiths.
Elite medieval vs vet spear wins taking three damage
Elite Samurai vs reg spear wins taking one damage, and Indus is razed

1010 Ooo, thats dangerous. London completes Leos. 

1030 French cascade goes to Bachs and Smiths, hopefully securing Copernicus for me.
Elite archer vs 1HP elephant wins takign three damage
Vet medieval vs reg elephant takes two damage and retreat it.
Elite medieval vs 1HP elephant wins taking two damage
Elite Samurai vs 2HP longbow wins taking two damage
Vet samurai vs reg spear loses dealing one damage
Vet samurai vs 2HP spear wins takign oen damage, and Pune is razed.

1050->1060 We get Copernicus. I can only hope for a leader, or I will not get Bachs, since a cascade is going on.

And in the moment of greatest need, Tojo steps forward when our Elite Samurai defeated a regular longbow of the Indians.
Unfortunately I can no longer speak with India, otherwise it would have been time for peace.

1060->1070 India lands an Elephant next to Tokyo. Printing Press comes in, at hopefully a monopoly. I start a Navigation research.
5HP horse defeats the 2HP Elephant. India still not on speaking terms.
I get Economics from France for Printing Press.
I only get 165 gold from English for Printing Press. Thats was a bit less than I expected.

1070-1080 Tojo completes JS Bachs cathedral. Thats good. A bit late though, but I will have to see how it goes.
We have 10 turns to Navigation, I wonder if I can keep Smith's on a prebuild that long, so I do not lose my shields. I will take a chance with this. 
I could always use a Bank as prebuild if it fails. ( Or even if it fails after a long time, I could actually use a bank. :) )

1100 My choice in techs was a bad one. France and England both have Chemistry and Navigation, leaving me with a hard time catching up.
I get Chemistry from India for peace.
I will see if I can bonk France a bit, just enough for them to cough up Democracy to me when it become available.

1110 I trade horses to England for Navigation and some gold. ( Mainly to give them an incentive to stay out of my hair for a while. )
Declare on France.
Vet samurai defeats regular longbow and Dijon is razed.
I need Free artistry, and just on the off chance the AIs want cannon, I go after democracy with my not inconsiderable research capabilities.

1140 5HP Samurai vs vet longbow wins, but takes four damage, capturing a settler.

1150 Elite archer vs vet medieval wins taking four damage
Elite medieval vs vet longbow wins taking one damage
Vet samurai vs vet medieval wins taking one damage
Vet samurai vs 3HP medieval wins taking one damage
Vet samurai vs vet longbow wins taking one damage

1180 Chartres is on a hill defended by at least two Musketeers. I will not attack until I know if there are two or three Musketeers. First French knight appears, and on the wrong side of my troops. I will sacrifice workers at it until I can bring reinforcements.

1200 ELite medieval vs 2HP longbow wins taking one damage
Vet samurai vs vet longbow wins taking one damage
Elite samurai vs 2HP Musketeer wins takign three damage
Elite medieval vs 2HP Musketeer wins taking four damage, and we raze Chartres.
Vet archer vs marine invasion loses without doing damage.

Once again, my superior skills at choosing a tech succeeds, and the tech I can get from France for peace is of course Democracy, due in a couple of turns.
I take democracy for peace, and start Free artistry research, fairly hopeful of the cascade being dead before we reach it.

1240->1250 We complete Magellans in Kyoto for another three cpt. Hopefully I can get me Shakes before someone gets Theory of Gravity.
And not a turn too soon, as French Lyons completes Smiths, killing the cascade.

1285->1290, When I have three turns left on my Free Artistry reserach, The English starts SHakes. Once again, I managed to choose a tech that would not net me any money. Good going Grimjack.
Set tech on Physics, having no real hope of getting it, so I will just use what I do get as discount when/if I manage to buy the tech.
Buy Free artistry for 13 gold from English, and sell to France for Ivory and 65 gold. I have no chance of netting Metallurgy with it.
With Muskets widespread, it is now time to take the peaceful way. I will see if I can go builder the rest of the way. I suspect I am a bit too far behind in tech though.

1310 India whom I was hoping on for getting a tech, has researched Navigation. I bet they will now research Democracy, thus negating my chances of getting Metallurgy from them later on.

1340 ENgland has of course managed to get Physics first. I had hoped they would spend time trying to get Military Tradition.
I do nto have enough forces even for a token assault on them, as I have been wonderbuilding for a long time now. Not much to do now, just roll with the blows.

1340->1350 I do get Shakes, killing the cascade, and leaving a small forlorn hope of getting Newton's in a couple of turns.
Buy Physics from France for 11 gold, savign a turn on Theory of Gravity Research. I put my scientists on This research as well, in the best speed I can do.

1405 I have to sell Democracy to India for money, as mine is running out. 11gpt and 100 gold did I get. Enhlish are modern, and we lack ToG, Magnetism and Metallurgy. France lacks ToG as well, but it is only a matter of time. I am racing an ENglish city for Newtons, and it will be very close, as I only got 4 turns of prebuild.

1420 ToG comes in. One turn to late, as both France and India got it due to cost decrease from me getting it. Somehow India got Free artistry from somewhere for some reason. I will take Magnetism, hoping I can get Metallurgy from India.

1440 SO much for that. India now has Magnetism. I think times will be harder for me now :)

1470 India is now modern. I do not understand how they got all those techs so fast. Perhaps AIs are not limited to four turns per tech.

1475->1480 hahah, we manage to snag Newton's and kill the cascade once again :)

1495->1500 We are finally industrious.  Ais have gone down Nationalism road, so I start a steam research.
Hmm, England of course is a bit ahead. They start SUffrage. ALso, they get their second border expansion, stealing our iron.
In the forlorn hope I should manage to get a monopoly tech, I start Medicine research instead of steam.

1520 The english use their expanded borders to settle even closer to me, and I will soon lose my luxury colonies when their new city expands. 

1580->1585 I get Medicine and start Sanitation. French Start Suffrage.
Get Steam, iron, 160 gold and 11 gpt from English for Medicine.
Get MilTrad from India for Steam. I found a colony on coal in the Jungle.
I start a bunch of railroading, as I do not know how much longer I can hold on to my coal.

1640->1645 I get Sanitation. Lets see if I can trade smarter this time.
I start Electricity research.
Ack, my rep is toast. Some trade that went down the drain due to border expansion. The game just got a whole lot harder.
Get Industrialization from France for Sanitation.
England has been researching Sanitation, and I can only get 175 gold from them.
Both Industrialization and Sanitation is not enough to get India to part with Nationalism. Then he goes without.
I discover I need 32 slave workers to chop a forest and replace with a mine.

1660 Kyoto gets a hospital, and start a factory. I merge in a couple of workers to get up to size. I will use French workers, as I do not see me go to war against France.
Kyoto now produce an awesome 272 beakers per turn. I can do research in the Industrial age.

1690->1695 We get oru Factory online, and it is time to start prebuilding wonders again. I hope Suffrage will hold out long enough for me to research Scientific Method.
1695->1700 Get Electricity, and start Scientific Method.
Get Corporation and 27 gold from France for Electricity.
England managed to get ELectricity this turn.

1710->1715 Nottingham completes Suffrage killing the cascade, and removes any chance of me prebuilding for ToE.
I have just enough shields to get a Stock market.
England is up Refining and Replaceable parts. I am starting to feel vulnerable behind my 1 Musket defense line.

1725 England start another border push against me, as their borders expand, I can only watch when they pull up another settler against my workers occupying neutral lands.

1730 I am starting to really dislike the English. They start ToE this very turn when I start my own ToE prebuild. This is another race which I am not very confident I can win.
I save my money and start a zero research on Atomic Theory, hoping I can nab ToE.

1740 I have six turns on ToE, and I could of course use some gold examining the English wonder city, but I will not dispel the rising excitement of the race. I can do absolutely nothing to hurry up in my end, so any examination would immediately dispel any excitement.
I spread out my workers along my shores, in order to discourage any presumptive marine operations.

1756 The race is over. I have Theory in One in Kyoto. 

1758 We have ToE in Kyoto, and also the monopoly techs Atomic Theory and Electronics. I cannot of course build any Hoovers, lacking a river.
Hmm, ENgland is being nasty, and Atmoic Theory is only sufficient for Replaceable parts.
I actually have to pay the French for Nationalism. They want 160 gold together with Atomic Theory. :(
I only get 111 gold back from France for Replaceable parts.
I will wait one turn for the Cascade to die before trading away ELectronics. I hope no one extorts it from me in the meantime.

Take my chances on Radio which I can get in a 15 turn research.

1760 England wont part with either Refining or Steel, so I guess they will have to research Electronics by themselves.
I get the CIA prebuild available from India for Electricity. Get Communism as well for Replaceable parts and Scientific Method. Hopefully they will research something useful for me now.
Get Coal, Iron, Rubber, 133 gpt and 140 gold from England for Electronics. This is full price.
Spend most of my gold upgrading cats to Artillery so I can have at least a token defense.

1768 How could I even think France would research anything other than Electronics. Of course they got Electronics instead of Steel or Refining.

1772->1774 We get another cpt due to the Intelligence agency.

1782 Upgrade my Samurai to Cavalry now that I have a couple of infantries.
London completes Hoover Dam.

1788 We have Radio.
Use Radio to get Steel and 133 gold from English.
Use Steel and Radio to get Refining, Ivory and 33 gpt from the French.
England is of course up Combustion, so I know what to research. And I do want to research, because then my money wont be lining some AIs pocket.
I coudl of course steal, but I do not think we are quite up to standing toe to toe on some AI. Hmm, I do have 6 artillery and a couple of Infantries.
Perhaps I could stand toe to toe. I will have to think about this.
Hmm, no stealing. I do not want to risk my 155 gpt payments. WHen said payments ruin out though, it may be another matter.

1796 India has once again managed to catch up two techs in just four turns. I would dearly love to know hoe He does it.
England meanwhile has taken the effort to get Modern. Amazing drive for techs. 

1802 We have 17.407 culture making 95 cpt. I sure hope I can manage to get UN, or this will likely be a loss.

1806 We get Combustion. I will have to take another long hard think about stealing techs, so I can have a chance at UN.
They can drive tanks over my 8 infantries without even breaking a sweat, and I have no tech I can use to get France to tag along, making it a futile project. Perhaps if they actually start UN. Then it would be worth it to get a dogpile, preventing them from having a vote.
This time I will not try to reason if I should go Flight or MassProduction, I just roll the dice, and pick Mass Production. I know it is futile to hope for France to pick Flight, but I can hope.

1808 I make what for me is a discovery. The english could expand to their third ring of tiles, in spite of me having that row of tiles in my fourth row. I thought only first and second row had could do this.

1820 Mass Production comes in, and I go Motorized transportation.
France of course also got Mass Production this turn.

1828 Ad Commercial dock completes, taking our income to amazing 311. 308 beakers after corruption.

1832 I likely lost the game now. England and France sign MPP, while England start the UN. I now need 1168 more culture, and I make 95/turn. Thats 13 turns.
United nations is a 1000 shields wonder, so even if I managed to steal/trade my way to Fission, my 77 shields per turn couldn't build it in less than 13 turns, so cultural 20K is the only way for me to win.
I will just have to hang on.

1838 Still alive. I now have Motorized Transportation. I could buy Flight for some 2000 gold and get modern, but as I do not get a free tech, and such a buy would leave me penniless, I wont buy it. I may just as well research it myself.

1844 I am still here. As in the last race, I would want the excitement of the race, rather than the spoiler of examining his wonder city. I now have 19452 culture, 6 more turns to go.
I build my University in 850 AD. If I had built it a couple of turns earlier I would have saved a turn. Lets hope that particular decision wont be the clincher.


1848 And I spot a possible sneak attack when an english infantry and tank pair comes waltzing into my lands. 

Insert image T-Hawk1_1848AD.jpg

I try to buy stuff patying in gpt, but my rep is still ruined.
I do buy an MPP with France though. It costs me 1 gpt. Also sign in India in an MPP, giving them tanks tech as a thank you.
Finally buy rubber and iron from France paying in gpt, letting me start a tank production, and upgrade a bunch of rifles.

Culture 19642

I ask England to vacate my premises. And they do ! That was unexpected. I had hoped for a full dogpile against them, which likely would have prevented them from having votes in the UN.

1850 England now has Motorized Infantries gallivanting around.
Culture: 19737

When asked to leave this turn, England declare war.

Elite Medieval vs 1HP guerilla wins


I sure hope they do not have Marines in the transport off our coast.

IBT: Dogpile starts as England bombs a railroad way out on the border. I lose my elite Medieval to a tank. Imagine that.

1852 Veteran tank vs 1HP Mechanized wins
Veteran Destroyer vs 1Hp transport wins taking one damage

Culture: 19836 cranking 99 per turn.

1854 Seems like my MPP plans worked somewhat, since I do not see any french troops. I do redline a battleship with my artillery though. I am starting to fear the ENglish will win a domination now. They are large.

Culture: 19935

1854->1856 English complete United Nations. I hold my breath as I press the button to see if they hold a vote.
And they don't. 

1856 Veteran tank vs 1HP Mechanized wins taking one damage.

Culture: 20034 This ought to mean I win when I press next turn. Much closer a race than that one would be hard to get. If English hadn't stupidly decided to sneak attack me, they would have won.
Now I get my first Emperor OCC ever.

Great game, and I had lots and lots of fun with two races with uncertain outcomes. A good thing the English decided to be greedy and stupid, as I hadn't thought of MPP with India and France in order to get the dogpile by myself until I saw the sneak attack.

Great fun, and thanks for hosting the game.

I could quite possibly have gotten a much faster and smoother ride if I had allowed myself two or three more cities, as I would have been able to constantly war, but I had more fun this way.